Suffolk Wrestling Officials Association


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The term Governing Board to be changed to Executive Board


Constitution:  Article II, Section 2
Attend at least (5) interpretation meetings per year
CHANGE:  Attend at least five(5) meetings in a year


Constitution:  Article VI
Regular meetings will be held on dates fixed by the President.
CHANGE:  Regular meetings will be held on dates fixed by the Executive Board


By Laws:  Article II—Meetings, Section A—Regular Meetings
There shall be a minimum of seven(7) meetings each year which is from May 1 to
April 30
CHANGE:  …from July 1 to June 30


By Laws:  Article III—Election and Duties of Officers, Section B—Duties of
Officers, Division 3—Secretary-Treasurer shall…, Subdivision h
Publish a written financial statement for general approval by October 1
CHANGE:  …for general approval at the first General Meeting of the


By Laws:  Article VII—Movement
All new officials will be assigned to the junior high school level for a minimum of
two(2) year.
CHANGE:  All new officials…minimum of one(1) year
Section B—Junior varsity to the varsity level, Division 3, Subdivision c
Any JV official …minimum three(3) active years;
CLARIFICATION:  three(3) active years total between junior high and junior varsity
CHANGE:  …minimum two(2) active years total


By Laws:  Article VIIIVacancies of Offices, Section A
If the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer or Rules Interpreter
become vacant, the Governing Board will appoint a member in good standing to serve
for the remainder of the elected officer's term.
CHANGE:  …to serve until an election is held at the first General Meeting of the
next calendar year


By Laws:  Article XII, Section B, Division 1
A member is not eligible for nomination unless he has been active on the varsity level
for five(5) years and has worked the final round of the Section XI Tournament at least
once in that period
CHANGE:  …varsity level for three(3) years and has …in that period.