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December 9,  2009


Executive Board Meeting 

Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM by President L. Barone


Presidential announcements

  • January 20 meeting is moved to January 21(Thursday) due to match schedules.

  • Discussion and distribution of Physicians release form for skin lesions. Must have “NYSPHSAA Revised/Approved August 2009” in lower right corner.

  • Discussion of skin check requirements and head official  responsibilities for Multi Duals.

  • George DeMatteo has requested to become inactive in 2009-10. 

  • Next meeting is January 5, 2010.

  • Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.


General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:05 PM by President L. Barone


Presidential announcements

  • Return Schedules, New Members must submit availability.

  • Discussion and availability of Physicians release form for skin lesions. Must have “NYSPHSAA Revised/Approved August 2009” in lower right corner.

  • Skin Checks for Tournaments/Multi-Duals – Call school to verify weigh in time is 2 hours

  • before scheduled event start time.  If more than 2 hours before, call Cathy at Section XI.


Secretary announcements

  • Budget review -  current balance: $5,525.61. All active members are paid.

  • Membership list forwarded to NYS along with dues and insurance for all active members.

  • New member dues are $70.00 and are due by next meeting on January 5, 2010.

  • All members must sign attendance sheet in order to receive credit for  meeting.

  • Members with assigned meets on scheduled meeting nights will be given credit for meeting after verification/notification.

  • New members must sign new member sheet and provide details - phone number, address, e-mail address.

  • Test answer sheets can be picked up at rear of room.

  • Patches for sale at $1.50 each for either flag or NYS.  


New Candidate Introduction

  • 21 new officials are welcomed and introduced.

  • Request by L. Barone to all senior officials to work with new officials and offer guidance when needed.  All new members have been assigned a mentor.

  • New members are required to submit fingerprints to Section XI.

  • Review web site for info and interpretations - website:


Rules Interpretation presented by John Truscello: 

  • New coin toss procedure discussed to select odd/even prior to dual meets.  John will verify if effective for this season and advise.

  • Check all special equipment prior to meet.

  • Skin Check form. View original with signature and obtain copy for Section XI.  If copy is not available, take original for Section XI.  Contact Section XI and submit skin form.

  • Keep coaches in line at tournaments.  Instruct (2) coaches at corner and enforce.

    • If a coach questions your  judgement, warn for misconduct and then penalize.

    • A situation may also warrant an immediate unsportsmanlike penalty.

  •  Instruct wrestlers on proper starting procedure - Knees, belly, elbow.  When stable, use verbal "set" command prior to sounding whistle.

  • Assistant Referee: refer to pages 12-13 in Rule Book.

    • assist with interpretations.

    • assist with out of bounds - protect wrestlers

    • align to clock to observe start/stop of match time.

    • Call seconds out to referee during final minute in 15 second intervals.

    • assist with scorekeepers and general organization.

  • At Tournaments - all officials should keep mats clear and people in stands.  Let Chaperones and head table enforce.



Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 PM


Respectfully submitted,


George Wissman