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November 5,  2009


Meeting called to order at 7:35 PM by President L. Barone


Presidential announcements

¨      Next Meeting on November 16 is Test Meeting

¨      Discussion and voting on proposed amendments to follow.

¨      Availability forms need to be submitted to Section XI.  Names read for those who have still not submitted their availability.

¨      Bill Fitzgerald has requested to become inactive in 2009-10.


Interpretation Notes – presented by John Truscello 

¨      Minor rule changes in 2009-10.

¨      Read and become aware of new rule changes.

¨      Interpretation notes are available on web site.

¨      Points noted:

o       Offensive Starting Position – verbal “set” command prior to whistle to prevent false starts.

o       Misconduct impacts tied bouts.

o       Use of proper hand signals by officials.

o       Excessive celebrations prohibited – unsportsmanlike conduct.

o       Near Fall Criteria – Hold points until situation has concluded.

o       Figure 4 around head from Neutral is a technical violation – delayed call until after takedown.

¨      Injury Forms –

o       Must be on “Approved August 2009” form.  Notation is found at bottom right of page.

o       Must be presented on original form with doctor’s signature.

o       Must present copy to you which gets sent to Section XI.

o       If no copy is available, you must collect original for Section XI.


Mentoring Program – Presented by Greg Mazzola

¨      Request involvement from Senior Officials to assist new officials in techniques and questions regarding match situations and general rule concerns.   The intent is to address concerns and insure that new officials  maintain their confidence and obtain a greater understanding of how to conduct themselves in critical situations.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 PM


Respectfully submitted,


George Wissman