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October 9, 2007


Meeting called to order at Hauppauge High School, Room 260, by President L. Barone at 7:37pm


Members present:  F. Barbuto, W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, J. Truscello


Motion to accept Minutes of Executive Board Meetings of January 23, 2007, January 29, 2007, February 8, 2007, April 23, 2007, and August 7, 2007 by W. Fitzgerald; second G. Mazzola

Minutes accepted


Treasurer's Report:  Spreadsheet presented; balance as of October 9, 2007, $561.29

            Motion to accept by W. Fitzgerald; second, F. Barbuto

            Report accepted


Dispersal of proposed budget to be presented to membership


Dispersal of rankings sent to Section XI

Suggestion by L. Barone to increase number of Varsity officials due to 26 dual meets on significant number of days


       Board voted 4-2 not to increase Varsity numbers from those presented


State nominees:  L. Barone, R. Boscarino, G. Mazzola(declined), D. Darrow, R. Scott

Following NYSWOA Meeting on October 12, 2007, letters will be distributed to nominees


Candidates' School discussed:  J. Truscello indicated there were 9 candidates at first meeting, with additional meetings to be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, at Sachem


Motion to adjourn by W. Fitzgerald, second M. Haise


Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm



October 9, 2007


Meeting called to order at 8:14pm, by President L. Barone


Presidential announcements:  Keep up to date on website

            K. Donohue moved to Varsity

            Skin Clinic to be held on October 17, 8:00am, Inn at East View, Shoreham

            Submit names to M. Haise if interested


Motion to accept Minutes of January 23, 2007, January 29, 2007, and February 8, 2007, by J. Nanos;

second, W. Fitzgerald

Minutes accepted


Treasurer's Report:  Spreadsheet distributed with balance of $ 561.29

            Motion to accept by R. LeVien; second, J. Nanos

            Motion passed

            Proposed budget dispersed

            Motion to accept by G. Mazzola; second, S. Ciccarelli

            Motion passed


            Dues $ 120.00; late fine $ 50.00, October 31, 2007


Information sheet distributed to obtain updated addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

            Return to M. Haise immediately


New Candidates School:  J. Truscello/C. Smith

            Meetings at Sachem, Monday and Wednesday evenings, 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Section XI looking for availability forms

            Download from website and send in


Skin disease form is being worked on in Suffolk

            Looking for a doctor's stamp

            Referee to collect and send to Section XI


State tournament nominees:  L. Barone, R. Boscarino, G. Mazzola(declined),  D. Darrow, R. Scott

Evaluator needed for States: Brocking volunteered

Nominee for "Official of the Year" for New York requested—none suggested


Amendment mailed to members regarding pay to President and Secretary/Treasurer to match current dues

Question by G. Isgro as to whether treasury can support amendment

M. Haise indicated line item on "Proposed Budget"

Amendment passed—28-0


Contract issues discussed—main points

            Late fee increase—no chance

            Weighted rating based on individual coaches adamantly rejected by SWOA, Inc., General Membership

            Various pay increases hourly for tournaments; overtime 1.5 after 8 hours

            Lockeroom/shower facilities problem—report to J. Sexton


Motion to adjourn by F. Gagliardi; second, M. Haise


Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm


Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise