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October 24, 2007


Executive Board met informally in Room 264, Hauppauge High School

Members present:  President L. Barone, F. Barbuto, R. Boscarino, W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, J. Slokovitz, C. Smith, J. Truscello

Topics of discussion included:

1.  Infectious disease information

2.  Contract wording proposal to change so that sports can use different rating


3.  Discussion regarding rating systems used by other sections

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm for General Membership Meeting



October 24, 2007


Meeting called to order by President L. Barone at 8:10pm

Motion to accept Minutes, J. Truscello; second, J. Nanos

Minutes accepted

Treasurer's Report—M. Haise

      Balance--$ 561.29

Motion to accept, R. LeVien: second, J. Kraus

Motion passed


1.  November 8—Required Interpretation Meeting

            Call and /or see J. Truscello if the date is problematic

            Download Meeting Folder from website

2.  November 26—Test Meeting

3.  Sign in sheet at the door for attendance

4.  Dues are to be paid by October 31, 2007;  $ 50.00(per Constitution) fine if paid after

     due date

      Dues not paid—no schedule to be issued by Section XI

5.  Availability sheets need to be sent to Section XI; schedules are being prepared

6.  Repeat announcement—K. Donohue to Varsity

7.  Repeat announcement—Nominees to referee the State Championships

      L. Barone, R. Boscarino, D. Darrow, R. Scott

8.  Candidates School—Truscello/Smith

      Good group

9.  Skin Disease—Section XI to develop own skin form

      Will require doctor's stamp

      Coach will provide original and copy of form; ref collect copy; send copy to Section XI

      Coach is to have sent copy to B. Panariello prior to competition

      Tournaments—referee will be paid for entire weigh-in so that skin checks and forms

       can be inspected in a controlled environment;  pay based on present hourly wage

       State is using a different form; teams out of section use State form


10.  Motion by M. Haise to empower representatives to Contract Negotiations to have

       wording changed in present contract, such that individual sports can differ in

       techniques used to rate officials

       Second, J. Truscello

       Motion passed

11.  Presentation by M. Haise of rating system employed by Sections V and VIII

Motion to adjourn by K. Donohue; second, P. Schlitz

Meeting adjourned 9:19pm


Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise