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Executive Minutes

October 23, 2008


Call to order:  Meeting called to order by President L. Barone, at 7:30pm

Executive Board Members present:  F. Barbuto, R. Boscarino, G. DeMatteo, W. Fitzgerald,

M. Haise, G. Mazzola, C. Smith, J. Truscello



  1. Discussion regarding referees nominated for States

  2. Review of rating comments

  3. Discussion regarding Mentor Program—G. Mazzola

  4. Tax exemption/not for profit discussion—W. Fitzgerald

Adjourned for Membership Meeting


Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by President L. Barone at 8:06pm



  1. Reminder—dues $ 140.00, payable without $ 50.00 penalty by October 31, 2000

  2. New Varsity Officials—R. Boccard, J. Gerondel, S. Mc Gowin, G. Wissman

  3. Referees for States—R. Boscarino, L. Barone, G. Mazzola, W. Starke
          Alternates—D. Darrow, U. Fasolino

  4. Reminder—Download Meeting Folder for November 5, 2008 Interpretation from website (

  5. Review rating comments made by coaches

  6. Minutes of October 14, 2008
          Motion to accept—R. Scott; second, J. Nanos
          Motion passed

  7. Treasurer’s Report--$ 1269.00
          Motion to accept—W. Fitzgerald; second, G. Mazzola
          Motion passed

  8. Penalties for not maintaining attendance requirements; be vigilant

  9. New Candidates School—candidates required to attend meetings following conclusion of school

  10. Section XI needs availability forms

  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct calls—phone Section XI

  12. Flagrant Misconduct/removal of coach file paperwork with Section XI

  13. State Tournament nominees—R. Boscarino, L. Barone, G. Mazzola, W. Starke
          Alternates:  D. Darrow, U. Fasolino

  14. Request volunteer to be State Evaluator—S. Brocking and D. Harrell

  15. Finance Review Committee to meet following meeting to reconcile checkbook
          J. Perkins, G. Wissman, G. Isgro(absent)

  16. Alternate site Interpretation—LIWOA, Inc., November 13, 7:30pm, Woodlands Junior High—acceptable Interpretation, NO ATTENDANCE CREDIT

  17. Mentor Program—discussion on how to facilitate
          Sign up with G. Mazzola if interested

  18. REMEMBER—fill out information sheet

  19. Check web site for updates—
          We are going paperless

  20. Giftcard given to S. Meehan as thank you for maintaining our web site

  21. Inductions into National Wrestling Hall of Fame through FOLIW, Inc.
          P. Venier, P. Brodmerkel, J. Russo, R. Smith, K. Murphy
          Motion to place ad in FOLIW, Inc, publication—R. Scott; second, M. Haise
          Motion passed

Motion to adjourn—M. Haise; second, J. Nanos

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm


Respectfully submitted,  





Secretary/ Treasurer