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Executive Minutes

October 14, 2008


Call to order:  Meeting called to order by President L. Barone, at 7:24pm, at Hauppaugue High School, Hauppague, NY(Room 206)

Executive Board Members present:  W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, G. Mazzola,

C. Smith, W. Starke



  1. NYSWOA dues and insurance increase from $ 23.45, to $ 37.90

  2. Budget modification requires dues increase; recommendation $ 140.00

  3. Information on D & O Insurance—still $ 15,000.00, deductible per incident

  4. State committee formed to investigate alternatives—B.Attonito, M. Haise, more

  5. Based on 25 events on one day, move R. Boccard to Varsity

  6. Varsity previously increased by S. McGowin, G. Wissman, J. Gerondel


Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm


Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order by President L. Barone at 8:10pm



  1. Web site—, private section ID ********, Password *********
    Have items you want posted, notify president

  2. Welcome new Varsity Officials—S. McGowin, G. Wissman, J. Gerondel, R. Boccard

  3.  Meeting attendance—if your name is not on attendance sheet, you will not receive credit

  4. State Meeting Highlights—increase in dues from $ 23.45, to $ 37.90
    Note originally proposed budget worksheet and yellow worksheet with modifications
    Motion by W. Fitzgerald to increase dues to $ 140.00
    Second, G. Mazzola
    Motion passed

  5. Dues need to be paid prior to October 31, 2008 to avoid $ 50.00 late fee charge

  6. D & O Insurance still problematic

  7. Interpreter J. Truscello has indicated that SWOA, Inc., members may attend LIWOA, Inc.,  Interpretation on November 13, 2008(Thursday), if unable to make SWOA, Inc., Interpretation Meeting on November 5, 2008(Wednesday).  No attendance credit.  Be sure to get verification of attendance from LIWOA, Inc.  Secretary/Treasurer

  8. New Contract highlights can be found on Section XI web site

  9. State Tournament selections—S. Brocking, J. Truscello, R. Boscarino, L. Barone

  10. J. Truscello and S. Brocking have indicated they will not accept
    Next two nominees—W. Starke, G. Mazzola


New Business

  1. Update contact information—everyone is to fill out form, return to M. Haise
    No form, no email info

  2. Finance Review Committee Volunteers—G. Isgro, J.Perkins, G. Wissman

  3. Attempt to create Buddy System—new candidates and experienced officials

  4. S. Brocking volunteers to be Evaluator for States

  5. State to be held in Albany Times Union Building, February 27-28, 2009
    Interpretation Meeting to be held February 26, 2009, Hampton Suites, Albany, NY

  6. Availabilities due to Section XI; Kathy is wrestling liaison

  7. Treasurer’s Report sheets available for year ending July 31, 2008


Motion to adjourn by G. Mazzola

Second, W. Fitzgerald

Meeting adjourned at 8:48pm


Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise