Suffolk Wrestling Officials Association


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January 28, 2008

Board Members Present:  L. Barone, W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, G. Mazzola, C. Smith, B. Starke

President L. Barone led informal discussion commencing at 7:30pm



Mazzola Mentor Program

Varsity referee matched with candidate

Can phone mentor to clarify information

Should candidate be required to attend match of Varsity referee—pros/cons

Rating Committee Report on ballots dispensed to those present

Discussion and vote held to February 6, 2008



January 28, 2008

L. Barone called Meeting to order at 8:15pm

Minutes of  January 15, 2008

Motion to accept by U. Fasolino; second, J. Nanos

Minutes accepted

Treasurers Report by M. Haise—Balance:  $ 3615.02

Motion to accept by W. Fitzgerald; second, J. Nanos

Treasurer's Report accepted

Reminder to Candidates—balance of dues are owed--$ 60.00


Old Business

1.  Unsportsmanlike calls and penalties

Problems call J. Sexton

Use appropriate signals

2.  Junior High matches still need referees; phone Section XI

3.  League assignments mailed

Weigh ins—8:00am           Start—9:30am                     $ 40.00/hour

4.  State Referees—L. Barone, R. Boscarino, R. Scott


New Business

5.  Interpretation—C. Smith, B. Starke

Flee the mat                  

6.  Sportsmanship cards dispensed

7.  Election for At Large 3 year Board position

W. Fitzgerald nominated by G. Mazzola; second, W. Starke

Secretary/Treasurer casts single ballot for W. Fitzgerald

8.  Varsity Coach of the Year—D. Goldstein(Rocky Point)

Junior Varsity Coach of the Year—Arey(Islip)

9.  Post Season Party—need someone to investigate rates and/or places

Refundable deposit due at next meeting for those making a reservation to attend

No show, no refund

10. Next meeting—February 6, 2008

Motion to adjourn, C. Smith; second, R. Avignone

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm


Respectfully submitted,




M. Haise