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January 15, 2008


Board Members Present:  L. Barone, R. Boscarino, G. DeMatteo, M. Haise, C. Smith, B. Starke, J. Truscello

President L. Barone led informal discussion commencing at 7:20pm


  1. Approval of J. Ramos to go inactive—refund ˝ dues

  2. Notify Section XI with availability for February 15, February 16, 2008

  3. Junior High matches available—sign up



January 15, 2008


L. Barone called Meeting to order at 8:02pm

Old Business

1.  Send injury reports to M. Haise

Fax:  (631)539-6145

2.  Unsportsmanlike conduct by Coach—call J. Sexton at Section XI

3.  Skin forms to Section XI and M. Haise

4.  Tournament forms to Margaret, Section XI

Minutes of December 11, 2007

            Motion to accept by J. Nanos

            Second, S. Gottlieb

            Minutes accepted

Treasurer's Report by M. Haise—Balance:  $ 3615.02

            Motion to accept by R. Scott

            Second, J. Nanos

            Treasurer's Report accepted

New Business

5.  C. Brodmerkel test missing; cannot work until test returned

6.  Be sure to sign attendance sheet

7.  Junior High coverage needed; call Section XI

8.  States—if you want to work give name, availability, and credit card to M. Haise

9.  Leagues—provide availability for 2/9/08

10. Counties—Friday, February 15

                          Saturday, February 16

11.  Ratings Committee will meet following this meeting

12.  Interpretations—J. Truscello

            JH—allowed to wear street sneakers

13. Next meeting—January 28, 2008

Motion to adjourn, G. Isgro

Second, U. Fasolino

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm


Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise