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Executive Minutes

August 18, 2008


Call to order:  Meeting called to order by President L. Barone, at 8:24pm, at the Law Office of W. Fitzgerald, Sayville, NY

Executive Board Members present:  G. DeMatteo, W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, G. Mazzola,

C. Smith, W. Starke



  1. Determine meeting dates for 2008-2009
    10/14/08, 10/23/08, 11/5/08(Interpretation), 11/18/08(Test), 12/9/08, 1/8/09, 1/20/09, 1/27/09, 2/5/09, 3/10/09
    Location:  Hauppauge High School, 8:00pm(Executive, 7:15pm)

  2. Candidates’ School—October 6, 2008, Sachem North, 7:00pm
    Cost $ 70.00, to clinicians plus $ 5.25, to SWOA, Inc., for Rule Book

  3. Budget Proposal attached
    Motion to accept, W. Fitzgerald; second, M. Haise

  4. Dues, based on NYSWOA maintaining same costs, set at $ 120.00
    President’s Council dues--$ 4.00/referee
    Insurance problem discussed
    No solution to deductible
    Member list update—45 to 46

  5. Constitution and By Laws updated with new Amendments
    Posted on SWOA, Inc., web site

  6. New Contract—on Section XI web site(5 years)

  7. Penalties discussed for members not in good standing due to attendance issues
    Letters to be sent and e-mailed

  8. Movement of JV officials to Varsity—S. McGowin, J. Gerondel, G. Wissman
    Varsity official to JV based on Constitution and By Laws

  9. State Tournament Referees—eligibility and placement based on By Laws
    Brocking, Truscello, Boscarino, Barone

  10. First Contest—12/8/08; Leagues—2/7/09; Section XI Qualifier—2/13/09, 2/14/09
    States—Albany, 2/27/09, 2/28/09

  11. Motion by W. Starke, second by W. Fitzgerald, to puchase  gift card for S. Meehan as a thank you for maintaining our web site

 Motion to adjourn by G. Mazzola

Second, G. DeMatteo

Adjourned at 10:29pm


Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise

Secretary /Treasurer