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March 9, 2010


Executive Board Meeting 

      No meeting held.


General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:15 PM by John Truscello


Jr. High focused discussion:

  • Refer to NYS green books for detail on proper mechanics when making calls.

  • Make sure kids report to table

  • Have coaches decide period duration i.e. 1-1-1, or 1-1.5-1.5, etc.  Observe 45 min. rest between bouts for those wrestling twice at same meet.

  • The coaches set the line-up and verify weights.  

  • Be lenient with uniforms but make sure the uniform is not a hindrance to either wrestler.  Long sleeve shirts are not permitted at any time.

  • Check with coaches on OT

  • Be careful w/kids to prevent injury - watch headlocks.  Call potentially dangerous situations to prevent injury.

  • Keep match moving.  Move kids into position quickly.

  • Display points(hand held high) and verbally call points as they are awarded.

  • Be confident and decisive in your calls.

  • Know starting position sequence -knees, waist, elbow.

  • Allow wrestlers to become stationary.  Give verbal SET command and blow whistle.

  • Locked Hands:  Be lenient, but be in position to observe.

  • Start in close on referees position.

  • Move away from wrestlers for best view and to observe positioning and any violations.

  • Let coaches know when a slam has occurred.

  • Start 2 min. recovery clock if injury is result of an illegal hold.

  • Start 1.5 min. injury clock if injury is not from an illegal hold.

  • Make sure table has clock available before meet starts.

  • Criteria for a takedown: Control on mat -- hip to hip.  An overhead cradle from the front is not a takedown unless wrestlers are broken down and hip to hip.

  • Cradle Situation:  Look for choke hold and stop if necessary.  Get in position to observe imminent fall.

  • Hold call until you are sure to prevent any confusion. 

  • Reversals can be in rear standing position.

  • Locked hands(around body or both legs):  Allow defensive wrestler the opportunity to complete his move.  If unable to, stop match.

  • Count slow on 5 count: Make sure it is 5 seconds. Hold points until pinning situation has ended.

  • Be verbal on count so coaches and wrestlers hear.  Let wrestlers know when they have  earned 3 points.

  • Your most important job is to protect the wrestlers.  Watch edge calls and prevent wrestlers from contacting floor.  Keep tables away from mat.

  • Both arms trapped in a standing position should be stopped as potentially dangerous.

  • A match is comprised of 16 bouts at the JH level. Forfeits count as a match in the 16 total.  Extra bouts beyond 16 are paid at 1/16 of the dual meet fee for each bout over 16.

  • Mouth Guards must be worn on top/bottom when braces are present.

  • Stalling:  Call when you feel it is occurring.

  • Stacks: Be careful.  If head is posted, stop match and call as potentially dangerous. Be in position to prevent injury.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


George Wissman