Suffolk Wrestling Officials Association


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Executive Minutes

January 27, 2009


Call to order:  Meeting called to order by President L. Barone at 7:15pm

Members present:  R. Boscarino, G. DeMatteo, M. Haise, G. Mazzola, C. Smith, W. Starke,  J. Truscello


1.       Discussion regarding skin checks; herpes breakout

2.       Raffles to be drawn at dinner.  Date changed to March 2, 2009

3.      Encourage candidates to pay dues; no dues, no vote

4.       Interpretation on stall calls

5.      Printout for distribution of Ultimate Tiebreaker procedure(s)

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm


General Membership Minutes

Meeting called to order by President L. Barone at 8:14pm


1.       Late Junior High Season schedules on line—check for assignments

2.      Be diligent on skin checks; herpes outbreak cancelled 2 tournaments

3.      Discussion of Unsportsmanlike behavior by Bass

4.      Congratulations to L. Barone, G. Mazzola, W. Starke for being selected to do States in Albany on

February 26/27, 2009

Evaluator—D. Harrell

5.      Officials’ Professionalism—do not do matches where favoritism and/or conflict of interest could be perceived

6.      Officials’ Professionalism—do not touch coaches

7.      Minutes—Motion by R. Scott to accept; second by C. Smith

Minutes accepted

8.      Treasurer’s Report—Balance, $ 3498.01

Motion to accept, R. Avignone; second, G. Wissman

9.      Sign-up sheet to work States as timer/scorer; deadline January 27, 2009

10.  Skin form copies to Section or to Secretary/Treasurer

11.  Watch for amendments in mail following elections on January 27, 2009

12.  League Tournament sites—February 7, 2009

Floyd, Northport, Shoreham Wading River, Smithtown E, Hills W, Harborfields

13.   Counties

Day 1—Hofstra, Center Moriches; 3:00pm

Day 2—Hofstra; 10:00am

14.  March 2, 2009, Murphy’s Law, Exit 61, 7:00pm

15.   Elections

President, L. Barone; Vice President, C, Smith; Secretary/Treasurer, G. Wissman; Interpreter, J. Truscello; At Large(2 Years), G. Mazzola

16.   Varsity Coach of the Year, Rich Riley(Bayport); Junior Varsity Coach of the Year,

Mike Marino(HHHE)

17.  Motion to adjourn—R. Scott; second, M. Haise

Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm

Respectfully submitted,



M. Haise