Suffolk Wrestling Officials Association


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January 9, 2007



 Meeting called to order by L. Barone at 7:15pm, in Sachem High School North Cafeteria


* See private section for this portion of minutes

5.      Interpreter emphasized that interpretations be presented and/or answered by Interpreter only 

Meeting informally adjourned at 8:05pm for the Membership Meeting to commence


January 9, 2007

CALL TO ORDER:  8:05pm, by President L. Barone, in Sachem High School North Cafeteria

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: W. Fitzgerald, M. Haise, G. Mazzola, C. Smith, W. Starke, J. Truscello


  1. Exams returned; no discussion

  2. Unsportsmanlike Behavior forms for athlete disqualification to be sent to Section XI

  3. Injury forms to be sent to M. Haise—fax number 631-539-6145

  4. Be sure to get form signed for extra bouts, late starts, etc.

  5. Volunteers to work tables at States in Albany, March 2-3, 2007, should email  Be sure to include days available, credit card and phone number if you want to reserve a room

  6. Treasurer's Report--$ 3454.40

  7. Question as to whether 96 and 275 as exhibitions are part of the Varsity fee

  8. Interpreter—Truscello reiterated rule for covering braces.  Though informed by T. Haise, Section 8 Chair, that wax is no longer allowed as the sole covering for braces (State Meeting January 9, 2007), Truscello indicated that we will allow Section XI athletes to use the wax until we get an email from Dalberth

  9. Amendment presented by D. Darrow regarding reduction in attendance requirement for those individuals with 12 or more years of membership and in good standing with the organization

  1. discussion

  2. vote—20 in favor, 6 against

  3. Amendment passed; application for 2006-2007



  1. Next meeting January 23, 2007

Motion to adjourn by J. Nanos; second, M. Haise

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm


Respectfully submitted,




M. Haise