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January 5, 2010

Executive Board Meeting

No Exec. Board meeting was conducted.

General Membership Meeting

Meeting called to order at 8:10 PM by Secretary G.Wissman


  • The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 1/20/10 is changed to Thursday 1/21/10.

  • Assistant Referee duties. John Truscello will review with rules interpretations.

  • Roy Scott is being appointed to Bill Fitzgerald ís 2 year board position until the next election.

  • The County Tournament has been rescheduled to 2/12 & 2/13 Friday & Saturday. Section XI is currently reviewing if Division I & II will be at 2 different locations for the whole tournament.

John Truscello Interpretation Review:

  • When throwing a coach out of a match or tournament, please ensure that the coach is aware. It is recommended that you have security escort them out so they are aware they are required to leave the premises.  You are to notify Section XI as well as Len Barone that you had a coach removed.  Understand difference between Unsportsmanlike and Flagrant misconduct regarding the removal of a coach. Review section 7-5 in book.

  • Assistant Referees - Review Section 3-2 in book. Key Points:

  • maintain 180 degree position from referee. Stay outside circle.

  • observe clock - notify referee when nearing end of period by calling out time remaining.

  • keep track of score at end of each period. Make sure books reflect posted score.

  • hold clock on injury/blood time outs.

  • keep wrestlers at center of mat during table discussions with referee.

  • Protect wrestlers during out of bounds situations.

  • Notify referee of illegal holds/technical violations.

  • Never speak to coaches.

  • Coin Flip to decide odd/even will be enforced next year. Continue to make home even and away odd until next year.

  • Full Nelson - incidental touching is not a full nelson if no pressure is applied.

  • Reinforced Bar - Not illegal if no pressure is applied.

  • Standing 2 on 1 - Stop as potentially dangerous if defensive wrestler can not protect himself upon return to mat.

  • Jewelry - not permitted, including rubber bracelets. Go over at pre-meet. TV + injury T.O. if not removed when reporting to mat.

  • Referees position - sequence is knees,waist, elbow. Give verbal "set" before sounding whistle.

  • Stalling - 3 shot rule is a guideline only. Must also observe counters and positioning of other wrestler.

  • At Tournaments - Officials not working a mat must observe and enforce rules also.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

George Wissman